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Blank Canvas Mural Co., headquartered in Upstate, SC offers high quality, fine art murals and hand-painted signs for local, regional, and national clients.  This company was born from the deep desire to paint pictures of and for society, created from stories, values, and dreams.

I use traditional, time tested materials and techniques to provide hand painted murals and signs that will endure both time and the elements.



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Building relationships while making pretty stuff.


Murals can brighten blighted neighborhoods and speak to a city’s invaluable heritage and history. Interactively, provide a vehicle for mentoring and educating public school systems and under served communities. Create one of kind pieces which beautify, enhance and define major business brands.




one color lettering to complex images

  • Ensure quality and longevity
  • Utilize classic, high grade paints in an array of vibrant colors
  • Handle insurance, permits, licenses and necessary equipment
  • Offer anti-graffiti coating and graffiti clean up
  • Work with a client supplied design, or creating a custom look
  •  Operate under tight deadlines with fast turnaround times


to give (something) away for free

The Greenville Housing Authority & Blank Canvas have teamed up to create the Communities of Opportunity Mural Program or COMP.

COMP is a mural creating program offered for FREE to residents of TGHA properties. During this program, participants will have the opportunity to help create completed works of public art. The paintings will all follow a common thread or theme. This will connect the various locations. The projects will inspire and energize, create a sense of ownership and respect for ones own community.

Get in touch to find out how we can bring this program to you!




  • Strengthen teaching and learning across the curriculum through arts integration techniques
  • Expose students to this profession
  • Develop skills, knowledge, and appreciation of the arts


Paint X Numbers

create and connect

Design, Transfer and Lead a Personalized Mural Project.  Create a unique design tailored to your event, yet simple enough to accommodate children and adults of any skill level. Perfect team building exercise.

Corporate . Schools . Community . Camps

I'll paint anywhere.


But you can find me in Greenville, SC

Drop a line to or call 941-544-0158